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I put together a Assfactor 4 series several years before, but after lately hearing it i noticed it required a huge update (it had been garbage). These are merely Music Artists however many in their melodies are currently providing us an indication the Illuminati is genuine. I really do find it weird that designers that mention illumanati inside their music find yourself...well a lot of arent viewed at the least, or the people that note a lot arent here anymore. Many people I notice referring to audio always say it's something regarding the demon. Should the entire world ran and possessed 50% of the prosperity, would you truly use a rapper from Brooklyn to go away small indications in his music videos to your companies lifestyle that is key. The scene in Florida within the early '80s produced some of the best audio previously, in any type.

Every mainstream music video gets the ILLUMINATI image in, most of the words are at destroying not merely Christian, targeted but all kind of morales that are good. Rihanna is informing kids kill and to dress such as a slut and drink alongside jayz lil John and everyone in hiphop maps. The way he fused his impacts (grindcore, hiphop, steel, classicrock/psychedelia, hardcore...), he designed anything new, anything unprecedented, & most importantly something outstanding.

Every conventional musicvideo has got the ILLUMINATI token in, most of the lyrics are geared towards ruining not merely Religious but all kind of morales that are great. Rihanna is showing kids destroy and to dress just like a slut and consume together with jay z, lil John kodak black and anyone in rap maps. The way in which he merged his influences (grindcore, hip hop, metal, classic rock/psychedelia, hardcore...), he developed anything new, anything unparalleled, and many significantly something unbelievable.